Feature Requests and Ideas

Work in Progress Items for 4.0 :

iOS support.

FM16 support for script steps.

Add priority or other headers to emails.

BE_FileSize that also works on folders.

Include v16 descriptions and allow translated descriptions via git.

Adjust plugin parameters to allow path or container on most functions.

Renaming of functions and parameters to clear up and group things better.


Changes planned for the next major release ( 5.0 ) :

Changing the MIME library we use to allow multipart/related attachments and therefore inline images in HTML email.

Allow some file metaData functions ( BE_FileSize, BE_File_Modification_Timestamp, BE_ReadTextFromFile, BE_WriteTextToFile ) to also work on files inside container fields.

Add a File_ContainerToTemp function to save a file to disk in the temp folder and return a path to the file, to allow any function that uses paths to also use files.

BE_ArrayFind ( array01 ; ValueToFind ) returns index number.

BE_ArrayChangeValue ( array02 ; FoundIndexNumberArray01 ; NewValue )

PDF Splitting - taking pages out of a PDF file.


Feature Requests :

IMAP - read folders, read messages, move messages, delete messages.

Video - Thumbnails and metadata : https://baseelements.zendesk.com/agent/tickets/1839

Filter on the File lists to only allow selecting various file formats.

Documenting the error codes to give a bit more info about which library is throwing the error.

Generic file metaData functions.


Ideas :

BarCode Scanning - http://zbar.sourceforge.net/ or https://github.com/zxing

PDF Watermarking.

PDF optimisation.

Printer selection.

BE_CopyFile that forces replace ( optional parameter ).


Previous Ideas no longer in development :

JSON wildcard support - our base library didn't allow this, and so it wasn't included and now JSON support is native in FMP.  The better approach would be to request this within FileMaker.

HTML to PDF - the new print functions on Server and WebDirect negate the need for this to a large extent.

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