This would be interesting, but it's probably more a case of finding specific requirements that people need, such as IMAP_CreateMessage to be able to put a message into a folder, or IMAP_ReadFolder etc.

Open to requests and suggestions here.

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    Jeremiah Hammond

    Hey Nick,

    We have a need for IMAP, and also POP. There are CRMs that we've built, including our internal one, where we download email and archive them to a contact. We personally love the feature, and our customers love the feature, as you can see all correspondence in one centralized location.

    We'll have no problem being guinea pig testers when you're ready to add IMAP & POP to the plugin :)

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    Nicholas Orr

    Can you outline more specific requirements? I'd imagine pop would be simple : read and delete. IMAP would be more complex, a connect and then read, but then what else?

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    Jeremiah Hammond

    From my perspective, they should be similar.

    We currently use 360Works Email 2 plugin's POP in our internal CRM, though I'm sure we could use IMAP if we wanted. With POP, we do the following:

    1. Connect (requires host, user name, pass, and if using SSL)
    2. Read Messages (requires what mailbox to download from, max # to download...and optionally show a progress bar)
    3. Loop through each message via a Get Next Message function
    4. Read each message value via a Read Message Value function, like the to, from, subject, body, etc.
    5. Disconnect

    We don't explicitly delete any messages, because each user specifies in their Gmail account's settings what should happen when POP accesses a message (can also do the same for IMAP). See screenshot below.

    I don't know if it's even possible for a email client to specify what happens to messages when accessed through POP/IMAP. Probably can, and would be nice to have, of course.

    Hope this helps.

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