BE_HTTP_PUTData ( url ; data {; username ; password } )


Does a http PUT function with data and returns the results. This uses the curl library so output will be similar to that. This is used in conjunction with the BE_HTTP_SetCustomHeader function to set custom headers in advance and the BE_HTTP_ResponseCode and BE_HTTP_ResponseHeaders functions to get the result values after the PUT is complete.


Version : 2.1
4.0.2 : Renamed from BE_HTTP_PUT_DATA


Parameters :
url : the url to retrieve.
data : The data to send to the url.
username ( optional ) : username for basic HTTP authentication.
password ( optional ) : password for basic HTTP authentication.


Result : Returns the value that the url returns. Other returned values are in the BE_HTTP_ResponseCode and BE_HTTP_ResponseHeaders functions and error codes are in the BE_GetLastError function.

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