BE_Unzip ( archive {; output_directory} )

Unzips the archive file found at the path archive. The unzipped file(s) are put into the same location as the zip file itself by default, or into the output_directory folder if specified. Any existing file(s) will be overwritten.

Version : 1.3
Version : 2.2 added the output_directory parameter.

Parameters :
archive : a system file path.
output_directory ( optional ) : a system folder path to put the result.

Result : 0 on success. Error values can be retrieved with BE_GetLastError.


Examples :

//Select a zip file and unzip it.
BE_Unzip ( BE_SelectFile ( "Select a Zip file to unzip." ) )

//Select a file on the desktop
BE_Unzip ( "/Users/nick/Desktop/" )

//Select a file on the desktop, to other folder
BE_Unzip ( "/Users/nick/Desktop/" ; "/Users/nick/Desktop/ResultFolder" )

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