BE_PDFGetPages ( pdfPathOrContainer ; newPDFPathOrContainer ; fromPageNum {; toPageNum } )


Copies a number of pages from a PDF and creates a new document from only those pages.


Version : 4.0
4.0.2 : Renamed from BE_PDF_GetPages


Parameters :
pdfPathOrContainer : The original file to GET the pages from.
newPDFPathOrContainer :
fromPageNum : the starting page number to begin from.
toPageNum ( optional ) : the page number to end or if left out, will go to the end of the document. 


Result : empty result for no error, errors can be trapped with BE_GetLastError

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    As of version 4.0.4 this function is not performing as described.

    The result of the function when a file path is provided for newPDFPathOrContainer is nothing, not "0". The result of the function when a field is provided for newPDFPathOrContainer is the actual PDF, and the field provided is not changed. 

    When the toPageNum parameter is omitted, only one page is output.

    Additionally the output PDF is HUGE. When outputting a single page, it is equal to the size of the entire original PDF. Similarly, if you output 10 pages, it is the original size x 10. An original PDF with 44 pages and 18MB in size, will result in a 180MB PDF output when selecting 10 pages!

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